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The question is how you chose to rise in this life. I believe in the every day. I don’t believe in the defeats that other people put on you. I don’t believe in the illusions of success, just as I don’t believe in the illusion of failure. There is just life, and how you chose to live it today.

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Ach, every year I promise myself the idea of 3 weeks off in August, and every year it finds a way to not quite work itself out. That said, I have returned to Berlin with a renewed sense of vigour. I had a period of feeling over awed by the future, or rather, how vast and open the Journeys project remains. Some questions arose. Do I have the energy to fulfil what I have set out to do? Am I chasing to many creative endeavours? Have I lost sight of the project? Can I accept the feeling of fear that I get every time before I set out once again into this vast world?

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