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Hello everyone – I’m in the studio with the band on Schlesisches Tor working away on the new Journeys EP. This is an EVOLVING BLOG POST (2) so I will be updating throughout the week with new thoughts, pictures and videos. For now – just a few pictures to give a sense of activities on the first day.

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This website will be the only place where my work in development can be found. I would like to invite you into my process, with all its flaws, all its despairs, all its yearnings, all its fuck up’s, all it’s break throughs, all its on-goingness. It won’t be found anywhere else. Please feel welcome – and I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

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Latvian Musings

I am back recently from my first tour of Latvia. My musical life continues to pursue its own course, calling from places unchartered to me. I spent some days wandering around Liepāja where I played my last show – an old Baltic coastal city, with a hugely depleted population since Soviet times, and deserted barracks and small ghost towns, sleeping poetically on the town outskirts, skeletons of history, seemingly unsure of their current place. Monuments to another time, adrift.

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