"A Music Blog, Yea? spoke with Jim before hitting the road in one of our most detailed and interesting interviews to date. Dive into his spectacular answers below, as we discussed psycho-therapeutic journeys, great extremes, evolving as an artist, and Lunatic Lullabies:"
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On the Road

For the next few weeks I´m on a songwriting adventure that I´ve long dreamed about. Starting in San Francisco before heading to Big Sur, then in land to Death Valley, the Nevada Desert, Las Vegas, and finally for the shows in Los Angeles. It´s come at a point where I realized that apart from touring, I´ve been totally urbanized for the last 15 years. It´s felt importat to take in something new, to be something new. I´ll post some pictures here along the way, and I hope some of the songs will find there way into the new album. But for now, its about adventure and being and seeing what choses to come. Pics below:

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I´m pleased today to release the video for "Threads" from Lunatic Lullabies. It´s a song that has had a long and turbulent birth, and I feel proud that it is now finally released after so long. Each song - and video - has such a different experience of how it is birthed. Some come naturally, and from writing to release there is an ease of passage. Others you simply have to fight for and believe in. And with the case of "Threads" I think of it as the song which refused to die. Many people have been a part of its eventual creation and contributed significant roles - more so than most. The basic idea was begun back in the rehearsal room at the Tacheles back in 2008. Myriad Creatures had managed to get ourselves evicted from our flat and were once again living in our rehearsal room. Unlike the first time, it was summer, so it wasn´t cold and actually turned out to be a wonderful, creative and alternate way to live. Our room overlooked the Tacheles and we´d sip on a hefeweisen during the day, hose ourselves down in the Hof (as there building had no electricity or water)  and jam out songs. And it was in that setting, romantic to me in my mind now, that the song was born. We didn´t really know what to do with it, but managed to get a basic working structure after a year or so, shortly before I left the band early 2010.

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Journey Begins

Tomorrow morning I had off to San Francisco. Its my first time over to the West Coast and i´m incredibly excited, as well as having a few butterflies. I´ve always dreamed that when I visit that it would be in a working capacity, and finally that is being fulfilled with the shows at Worldwide Radio Summit, Musexpo, as well as meeting some songwriters, writing new material and  something exciting which I hope to be able to annoucne next week. For now, I just wanted to check in to say thank you to everyone for all the support. I would especially like to thank my manager Jasper Niebuhr, my band Ben, Lucas and Dan, and Scholli for all the support and hard work in the build up to the trip. I am an artist on a budget at this point, and it is just with total gratitude, happiness and humility that I receive so much positive energy, love and support from these guys at this point in my life and career. Thank you lads. Watch this space over the next month as I hope there will be a lot of things coming. Big up all! x

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 Here´s a video collected from stolen moments on a recent work trip. It´s set to the song "Staff and Shoes" from the OSOS EP from last year.



Very pleased to annouce that we´ve been invited to play at both Musexpo and the Worldwide Radio Summit. It will be the first shows for the project in America and the first time i´ve been to L.A. It´s the fulfillment of a life long dream to play in the States, so very excited, as well as honoured to get an invitation to these two shows.







Very pleased to announce that "Lunatic Lullabies" will be being released in the UK in April 2014. It´s taken a while to settle the rights issue with EMI but all is now good and the record is free for release outside Germany, Switzerland and Austria.



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